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What I hope to offer new moms-to-be is exactly what I wish I had when I was pregnant for the first time, namely good advice not just on items that one needs but also on items that one can do with out. Once you know what you need, it really is quite simple to be well prepared for the arrival of your little one.

After two children and several years of research I can give moms-to-be the help that they need so that they can concentrate on having a stress free pregnancy. Please contact me for advice on any babycare product currently on my website.

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If you wish to join the Hello Mom family, then please like my Hello Mom page on Facebook. This is great way to connect with other moms and to get first hand information on some of the babycare products currently on the market.

Hello Mom only stocks products which are of a high quality and you can be assured that what you purchase through Hello Mom is made to last and will not fail you after the first few months of usage. Hello Mom will gladly arrange an excahnge of any product which is deemed to be defective at the time of purchase.

Product brands include Maxi Cosi, Quinny, Bebe Confort, Babymoov, Wisey, Tom and Bella, Incey Wincey, JJ Cole, Snuza, UbbaBubba, MoMi nappy bags and many more.

I look forward to helping you every step of the way.

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