You Must always use a Baby Car Seat when Travelling

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Always make sure that your child is safe when traveling in a car. In order to ensure your baby's safety at all times, we highly advise that you secure him in a good quality baby seat.

Things to consider when buying a Baby Car Seat:

The Age of the child plays an important role, different ages are for different car seats. If you have a newborn and up to 6 months it is advisable to go for a rear-facing baby car seat. From 6 months to 4 years of age it is best to go for a rear-facing baby car seat. Children between 4 and 7 years of age should travel in a booster baby car seat facing forward.

It is very easy to install the baby car seat. You can install a baby car seat by either using the car seat belt or using what they call a LATCH system. Both ways are very effective but some parents believe that installing a baby car seat with the seatbelt can be a little bit difficult.

Toddlers can sometimes be messy so maybe think of going for a baby car seat with nylon material for easy cleaning.

To keep your baby safe when you are occupied driving go for a two-piece clip over the shoulders so that your baby cannot escape while you are driving.

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