Angelcare ACAM2 Extra Movement Sensor Pad and Nursery

Angelcare ACAM2 Extra Movement Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit

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Extra Movement Sensor Pad & Nursery Unit

Compatible with AC527, AC327 & AC320
Tracks movement. Looks after baby, so you can relax.

Parents wanting to watch multiple babies from a single Parent Unit can now conveniently pair a second Movement Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit to their existing baby monitor. Angelcare’s sophisticated software works seamlessly to provide the ideal solution when monitoring twins in separate cots, or baby and toddler in separate rooms. Containing SensAsureTM Technology, the ACAM2 has our 40% smaller Wireless Movement Sensor Pad that monitors baby’s tiniest movements. Parents can rest assured knowing they will only be alerted if no movement is detected after 20 seconds without missing an alert. Angelcare’s Nursery Unit features a colour-changing room temperature (red for too warm and blue for too cool). This allows parents to easily see if baby’s nursery conditions need improving. The Nursery Unit’s camera adjusts easily for optimal viewing on its handy magnetic mount. What’s even better, the low-profile camera can be either wall mounted or used on a table top with stand included.

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