Doona car seat in stroller mode with green sun canopy
Doona in car seat mode with navy sun canopy
Doona in car seat mode with grey canopy
Doona in car seat mode with red canopy
Doona in car seat mode with pink canopy
Doona in stroller mode with grey canopy

Doona Baby Car Seat

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Doona Baby Car Seat

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Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with fully integrated wheels. Doona was designed to provide parents a safe and practical mobility solution for their baby, both in and outside of the car. No more carrying your car seat around. Opens and closes at the click of a button. Highest safety and quality standards. Frees up space in the boot of your car. Can be used from birth to 13 kg.

Doona™ has three modes for use in different situations:

  • Car Seat mode – This mode is intended for use in a vehicle. The wheels are tucked under the Doona body and the handle is placed in Anti-Rebound mode and pressed against the vehicle seat back to prevent rebounding in case of a crash. Doona should only be used in car seat mode when in a vehicle.
  • Pull-Along mode – This mode is intended for walking and maneuvering in tight or crowded spaces. The wheels are out and the handle is in the vertically upright position to allow puling the Doona right alongside the parent.
  • On-the-Go mode – This mode is intended for walking in open spaces – just like a stroller. The wheels are out and the handle is extended in a 45-degree angle towards the parent.

What you need to know about Doona:

1. Safety

  • Unlike other car seats, the unique structure of DoonaTM enables positioning its handle against the car’s seatback. In a case of collision, Doona’s Anti-Rebound handle absorbs tremendous forces and prevents Doona from quickly rotating backward, thus providing the baby with unparalleled Anti-Rebound protection and dramatically reducing rebound injuries. And since the handle is part of the Doona, babies enjoy anti-rebound protection whether using an Isofix base or not.
  • Doona’s unique double-wall structure, designed to allow the folding of the Doona wheels, creates an additional layer around the baby and enhances side-impact protection.
    • Based on energy-absorbing memory foam technology, The Doona™ Side Impact Head Support provides the baby with improved side impact protection.
    • Misuse and improper installation are common injury causes for different car seats and strollers in the market. With this in mind, Doona™ was developed to include multiple fail-safe mechanisms preventing the following:
      • Unintentional folding / unfolding of Doona
      • Sudden extension of the Doona handle while in carry mode
      • Rotation of the Doona handle while in “on-the-go” mode”
  • Doona’s newborn infant insert was specially designed to cradle and support newborn infants. The Insert’s near-flat ergonomic design boosts newborns’ upper and lower back and ensures the infant’s neck and back are ergonomically aligned. The infant insert is made from anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating bamboo fabric, and it is safely anchored to the Doona to prevent involuntary shifting. Once the infant reaches 5 kg, the insert can easily be removed as it is not required for larger babies.
    • Doona is the only product globally to have successfully been tested and certified under 3 different stringent baby product standards – Car Seats, Strollers, and Reclined Cradles. Moreover, Doona has been certified under these three standards in both Europe and the US.
    • Experts agree that the best way to protect a baby in a plane is to properly restrain the baby in an approved infant car seat. Doona™ is the ideal solution for air travel since it is extremely easy to use all the way to the plane and it has been certified by the US and European authorities for safe use onboard an aircraft.

Group: 0+
Infant Weight: 1.8-13Kg
Product weight: 7kg



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