Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat  with FamilyFix3 on Sale
Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat Plus FamilyFix3 Isofix Base-Car Seats-Maxi Cosi-Essential
Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat Plus FamilyFix3 Isofix Base-Car Seats-Maxi Cosi-Essential
Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat Plus FamilyFix3 Isofix Base-Car Seats-Maxi Cosi-Essential
Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat Plus FamilyFix3 Isofix Base

Regular price R 9,299.00 Sale price R 9,999.00

The Maxi Cosi Coral is the perfect car seat for you and your family if you are looking for a car seat which adheres to the strictest safety standards but which also has the capability of functioning as a lightweight soft carrier for moving baby in and out of the car with the least amount of effort required. The Maxi Cosi Coral has a split functionality never seen before in any other car seat.

The soft carrier, which provides multiple carrying options for more intimacy, weighs just 1.7 kg and is fully upholstered with soft fabrics. The handles of the soft carrier are conveniently retractable and ensure comfortable use for both the parents and their newborn. The carrier locks easily into the intuitive safety shell, which can be clicked on the ISOFIX base for easy installation.


Installing the Maxi-Cosi Coral has never been so easy thanks to the FamilyFix3, which connects to the ISOFIX anchors in your car. Click the Coral on the base and just click-and-go! If you don't have isofix anchors, the Coral can also be installed using the seat belts.

FamilyFix3 allows you to leave the safety shell of the Coral in your car while you use the innovative lightweight soft carrier (only 1.7 kg without the newborn inlay) to go from one place to another with your baby. With this clever modular design, you can lift your little one ergonomically out of the safety shell in the car and that with just one hand and without any hassle or bumping your head! Taking the detachable soft carrier out of the safety shell or clicking it back in requires no effort at all. The audio-visual indicators then confirm correct and safe usage.


The innovative and first-of-its-kind Coral is designed and manufactured with the highest safety standards in the industry (R129/03 i-Size). This means both i-Size when installed onto the FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base or with the car seat belt. So travel with your baby from birth onwards without having to worry about safety! The soft fabrics in the inlay keep your little one comfortable and safe, and lock effortlessly in the hard safety shell. Audio-visual indicators provide feedback for correct installation.

Designed to keep you close

The Maxi Cosi Coral  can be used on most Maxi Cosi strollers for a day out. With its easy-to-adjust and extra-large sun canopy, the Maxi-Cosi Coral keeps your baby cool even on a hot and sunny day!

Cover can easily be removed and is machine washable.

The Maxi Cosi Coral Car Seat and Maxi Cosi FamilyFix3 come with a two year warranty and all Maxi Cosi Car Seats come with a free swop out service  should they be involved in a vehicle accident.

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