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Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio
Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio
Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio
Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio
Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio

Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Wifi Audio Monitor

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Introducing the latest Hubble Connected breakthrough in emotional technology, the Hubble Eclipse+. An essential part of our new health line, Hubble’s new Smart Wi-Fi Audio Monitor and Soother and Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for every nursery.
Equipped with a multi-color night light, LED digital clock, preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds and audio stories, and audio monitoring capabilities, Eclipse+ ensures you and your little one is always safe and connected.
Bring the portable and rechargeable Eclipse+ to any room in your home, and when the battery runs low, place the smart soother back on the charging dock and continue the soothing sound experience. At nighttime, help your baby develop strong sleep habits with the Smart Sleep Trainer function, which allows you to create customized “time to sleep” and “time to rise” routines for your child with personalized color and sound selection.
Ultimately, children will begin associating sounds and colors with bedtime or daytime, establishing healthy sleep habits that will help build consistency in their waking and resting cycles.

Audio Monitor:

The Eclipse+ doubles as a WIFi Monitor that can be used with the HubbleClub app and is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices.

Sound Machine:

Soothe your baby with White Noise, Pink Noise, stories, soundscapes and 100+ soothing tunes suitable for everyone. There’s something for every listener and every mood.

Bluetooth speaker:

Choose from our library or play any sound from your smart device and stream it across the Eclipse+. Our BT speaker offers superior sound clarity and quality for bigger groups of listeners.

Sleek design:

Featuring a unique mesh design and sleek cylindrical body, the Eclipse+ is designed to resemble a soft halo of light that makes it both functional and stylish.

Sleep trainer:

With the Smart Sleep Trainer in the HubbleClub app, parents can establish a routine for “time to sleep” and “time to rise” with the option to link a chosen light and sound for both functions.

Custom schedules:

Following regular schedules help build healthy sleep habits. The Eclipse+ helps parents create personalized routines tailored to each child’s requirements, habits and sound and color preferences.

Portable and Rechargeable:

The Eclipse+ is portable and rechargeable so you can conveniently use it on-the-go.

LED Clock:

The Eclipse+ is equipped with an LED clock on display. The clock Dimmer is controlled by a Light Sensor.

Connect ChatTM:

ConnectChat™ is a feature that allows for two-way communication between child and parent/caregiver using your Eclipse+ and the HubbleClub app on your phone.

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