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Hubble Guardian+ Wearable
Hubble Guardian+ Wearable
Hubble Guardian+ Wearable
Hubble Guardian+ Wearable

Hubble Guardian+ Wearable Monitor

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Guardian+ is a sleek wearable product that tracks your baby’s sleep quality and provides an array of wellness and activity indicators, including oxygen saturation, heart rate, body temperature change, and movement so that you know when your baby needs you.

 The many capabilities of Guardian+:
  • The sensor tracks information about baby’s well-being, including heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature change and provides a unique Hubble Sleep Score which gives an overview of baby’s sleep quality.
  • The base station of the Guardian+ doubles up as a smart audio monitor..
  • The monitor also serves as a nightlight and smart soother with a selection of soothing sounds, rhymes, soundscapes and nature sounds for a restful night’s sleep.
  • The audio monitor is equipped with ConnectChat™ for a unique communication experience between the soother and the HubbleClub app.
  • View and track sleep quality insights and activity indicators at a glance using the free HubbleClub app.
  • Parents can manage and log baby’s milestones, growth, feeding patterns, diaper and weight on the app, as well as access a vast library of parenting tips and membership into Hubble Community!

*The Guardian family of products are not medical devices and information from the product should not replace your doctor’s advice.

The Guardian+ Wearable Baby Movement Monitor is a multi-award winner! The product has been awarded the National Parenting Product Award, the Mom’s Choice Award Gold and the Parents’ Pick Best Health and Safety products award.

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