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Hubble Nursery Pal
Hubble Nursery Pal
Hubble Nursery Pal
Hubble Nursery Pal
Hubble Nursery Pal

Hubble Nursery Pal Deluxe

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On back order only. ETA, 01 July 2024

With Nursery Pal Deluxe, baby monitors are no longer just for parents. This innovative Hubble product comes with a 5" HD color touch screen that doubles as an interactive viewer for children to use as they grow, including videos, picture books and games. Use the parent monitor to quickly pan/tilt and zoom with the camera and enjoy an impressive 1000ft range. The portable camera makes it easy for you to move it from room to room without wires due to the built-in battery. Plus, the included Hubble Grip makes it easier than ever to mount the camera to any surface.

With the cameras built-in battery, you can quickly move the baby camera from one room to another without having to deal with messy and annoying wires. Just pick it up, move it somewhere else and keep streaming the live feed without any interruptions.

Not only does this allow you to easily enjoy your Hubble camera anywhere in the house with ease, but it's also perfect for power outages. With a built-in battery, you will be able to continue monitoring your child even if you experience a power outage.

You can also plug it in for more permanent installations

Introducing the innovative Hubble Baby mode, which allows your parent unit screen to double as an entertaining tablet for your child. Explore educational games, browse built-in stories featuring the adventures of Hubble the Bear and watch animated videos for kids.

Included Protective Bumper Keeps the Screen Safe

Along with highly encrypted security during Wi-Fi connections, the camera also ccome with a built-in privacy shield. While not in use, simply cover the lens.


  • Touch Screen
  • Portable Wireless Camera
  • Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Protective Bumper Included
  • Hubble Grip Included
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Soothing Nature Sounds
  • Private, Secure Wi-Fi Connection
  • Flashlight on Touch Screen Viewer
  • Room Temperature Sensor
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • HD Live Streaming
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

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