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Munchkin Spinning Drying Rack
Munchkin Spinning Drying Rack  Packaged

Munchkins Latch Spinning Drying Rack

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The Munchkin Latch Spinning Drying Rack is a bottle washing must have!

We all know how difficult it is to dry the bottom of a bottle with a dish towel and air drying really is the only way to go when you are having to wash plenty of baby bottles every day. But then one does need a convenient and compact drying rack for storing all those bottles while they air dry. The convenient two-tier design allows you to double your drying capacity while keeping counter tops clutter free. Give the drying rack a spin for easy unloading and loading of all the bottle parts, no matter how small.
Features which make this a must have product...
  • Large bottle air drying rack with a convenient multi-level design and adjustable height
  • It has been designed to hold up to 8 LATCH™ bottles and parts
  • Quick-dry rack
  • The spinning trays offer 360-degree access
  • It contains a utensil bin with drain holes allow utensils to dry
  • The pegs fold up and down for easy set-up, custom configuration and easy storage
  • A removable and reversible drip tray catches water or drains directly into sink


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