Nurture One Nesting Pillow in Moses Basket
Nurture One Nesting Pillow Number 3-Bedding-Nurture
Nurture One Nesting Pillow with Baby Sleeping on her side
Nurture One Nesting Pillow Number 3-Bedding-Nurture
Nurture One

Nurture One Nesting Pillow Number 3

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Nurture One nesting cushion was designed and endorsed by occupational therapists to meet the sensory needs of the premature baby and is used in intensive care units country wide. It has now been further developed to meet the needs of all new-born babies.

This unique product ensures an insensely secure and comfortable environment in your baby's carry cot, incubator, bed, and/or car seat. It helps to ensure that your baby is comfortable and that early development is sensory-appropriate.

The cushion promotes touch and body awareness as it moulds around your baby, allowing him/her to feel safe and secure.

The multi-sensory environment of the Nuture One nesting cushion does not impede movement. Instead, it stimulates sensory motor development.

An ideal nursing cushion, it provides a comfortable position for your baby during feeding and allows for a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib.

In addition, the Nuture One nesting cushion:
Assists in sustaining good sleep patterns
Reduces unnecessary stress
Promotes containment and a sense of calmness
Provides boundaries in the bed
Regulates body temperature

Hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. The cushion can be tumble dried on low heat.

The Nurture One no 3 nesting cushion is slightly bigger than no. 2 (see dimensions below) and does not fit into incubators and hospital bassinets.

It is recommended for any full-term baby needing assistance in settling and regulating where there are no space restrictions.

Dimensions: 85 cm x 50 cm (approximate)
Weight: 830grams (approximate)

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