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Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18
Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18
Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18
Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18
Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18

Owlet Baby Smart Sock Mint 0 to 18 months

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The smartest baby monitor of its kind. The award-winning Smart Sock tracks the most important indicators of your baby s well-being so while they rest easy, you can, too.

Millions of parents around the world trust Owlet every night. Our award-winning Smart Sock goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor to tell you the things that really matter, when it really matters.

The Smart Sock is the smartest baby monitor of its kind and uses established pulse-oximetry technology proven both safe and accurate. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Tells you when Baby needs you, and Base Station and Owlet app will notify you when readings leave preset zones.


Measures sleep trends overtime

View total hours slept

Number of wakings per night

Sleep quality and more

Stores up-to 3 weeks of data

16 hr battery & quick wireless charging (8 hrs in 20 mins & a full charge in 90mins)

Fits babies 0 to 18 months (fabric sock comes with 2 sizes that fits 2.2kgs to 13.6kg, for both left and right feet)

Extend the usage of your Smart Sock 3 to up to 5 years with the Owlet Exension Pack

The smart sock comfortably wraps around the baby s foot and connects to the base station up to 100 ft. away.

Comes with 2 extra left and right fabric socks

Use the baby sock monitor to track your child s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends from the first night you bring them home to their first day of school, and enjoy peace of mind through every milestone. View your child s readings in real time with the Owlet App and receive notifications if readings leave preset zones, so you know when your child really needs you.

For iOS 13.0 or higher and Android 7.0 or higher. Data connection or Wi-Fi required for Owlet app

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