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Recaro Monza Nova Seatfix Car Seat-Baby & Toddler Car
Recaro Monza Nova Seatfix Car Seat-Baby & Toddler Car Seats-Recaro-Racing
Recaro Monza Nova Seatfix Car Seat-Baby & Toddler Car

Recaro Monza Nova Seatfix Car Seat

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Booster Seat with Isofix anchors for children from approx. 3 years up to 12 years (15 – 36 kg).

RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix - safe, comfortable driving pleasure.
The RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix can be anchored securely and easily to the isofix mounting points in your car. The child is then secured by the car’s own three-point belt. The RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix can also be used in cars without the Isofix mounting points, by simply sliding the Seatfix connectors into the seat.


Isofix: The integrated seatfix arms can be fixed to the Isofix mountings of the vehicle ensuring your child is safer in the event of a side collision.

Safety plus: The headrest can be continuously adjusted in depth enabling a safe sleeping position for your child, as the head of the sleeping child does not fall forward and leave the protective headrest area.

RECARO Sound System: Integrated loudspeakers in the headrest can provide entertainment or education by connecting to your MP3 player or DVD player to the AV Jack.

High-quality coverings: All covers are removable and suitable for machine wash on cold. Memory foam for extra comfort.

RECARO Air Circulation System ACS: Ventilated moulded foam for optimum air circulation.

Fixed armrests: Extra protection in the hip area in a side impact, and  provides comfort for little ones arms.

Advanced Side Protection (ASP): Maximum side impact protection, and the headrest can be raised to 11 different positions, and is depth adjustable, provided a secure position for the head.


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