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TFK Joggster Twist Lite Stroller-Strollers-Trends for
TFK Joggster Twist Lite Stroller-Strollers-Trends for Kids-Classic
Trends for Kids

TFK Joggster Twist Lite Stroller

Regular price R 10,600.00 Sale price R 11,600.00

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'Generation Lite" is designed to be lighter then it's predecessor, the popular TFK Joggster Twist, but it still offers all the comfort for your Little One. The aluminium supports have been replaced with carbon fibre on this model, and a lighter fabric is used to reduce the overall weight.

The frame has a simple fold and close and is light. Even though the frame is light it is still strong, able to take a toddler up until 34kgs. The recline of the seat is steeples, and padding and large size keep your little one comfortable. The Twist version is great for outdoor walks, but still very easy to move around shopping malls. There is a wide range of accessories available for this pram, including a sitting, standing board for a second child, carry cots, golf bag adaptors, rain covers, UV covers, infant inserts, cupholders, sleeping bags, so this pram can be adjusted to fit into your lifestyle. The front wheel is 10inchs and has a lock position very the serious outdoor sports person.

This pram weighs 11,9kg, and when folded, it is 78 x 54 x 20 cms


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