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Valco Bevi Buddy Cupholder
Valco Bevi Buddy with Packaging
Valco Bevi Buddy   attached to stroller

Valco Bevi Buddy Cup Holder

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What makes the Valco Bevi Buddy the perfect travel accessory...

You are looking for a universal cupholder that will fit most strollers to hold your water or takeaway cup of coffee when out and about with baby. Yes, so stable that it can hold that cup of coffee!

Some more  information on the Valco Bevi Buddy...

  • Fits most prams and stroller with its universal fixing system
  • Special flanges adjust to the diameter of the container, can adjust to hold a 1.5 liter bottle.
  • Quick release mechanism to pop on and off the stroller very quickly
  • swivel hinge to keep it parallel and level to the ground


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