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Valco Rebel Q
Valco Rebel Q
Valco Rebel Q
Valco Rebel Q
Valco Rebel Q

Valco Rebel Q Bassinet

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This bassinet is the perfect item  for you if:

You have the Valco Snap Ultra or Rebel Q stroller and you are looking for a bassinet to let baby sleep while out and about on those long leisurely walks.  The Valco Q Bassinet comes in a range of colours and is so simple to click into a pram - just click in on each side and your bassinet is secure!

Some more information....

  • Suitable with the majority of the Valco Range and has co-ordinated colour schemes for each model
  • Simply remove the original seat and store away in the garage for the first few months and click in your bassinet which is the perfect accessory for newborns.
  • Padded mattress and bootcover allows for comfort and protection from the elements
  • Carry handle so you can move the bassinet around without the pram

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